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Monday, May 12, 2008

SQL Server Performance Methodology with Oracle Applications

This deck presents a systematic way of defining and solving performance issues with Oracle Applications. It gives an overview of how disk architecture impacts performance, how to run a trace, and reproduce the queries properly outside of the application.

Please go to www.computationpress.com website to download this deck.

Performance Methodology Flow Chart

I have uploaded my Performance Methodology Poster (PDF format) to the Computation Press website:


The poster outlines steps and scripts needed to go in and resolve performance issues with enterprise applications (ERP & CRM).

Database & Disk Deck

I have posted the deck I give at conferences on database and disk drives. It's a "shorter" deck (ie. One hour talk), instead of the larger deck I sometimes use that covers 4 hours.

A short abstract:

It focuses on how to create a scalable database solution on everything from direct attached SCSI to SANs. The deck covers perfmon counters, partition alignment, SQL IO performance testing, proper number of files for space management, etc...