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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Workshops: SQL Server Performance - Free

[Reposting as the formatting was very poor on the original post.]

Upcoming Events: Workshops

Workshop Dates

Detroit March 30 & 31

New York City April 2 & 3

Tokyo April 9 & 10

Houston April 23 & 24

Chicago May 12 & 13

Philadelphia May 14 & 15

Workshop Abstract

There are many classes that cover SQL Server. There are also just as many that cover Oracle Applications… but very few cover the intersection of the two.

This two day workshop covers the specifics of how the Oracle application interacts with SQL Server and how to architect a scalable and highly available solution. Its focus starts at the ODBC level and goes down to the disk.

Emphasis is on isolating issues, finding problems before they happen, and performance tuning. The goal of the workshop is to move beyond “my system’s slow” into WHY it’s slow and how to fix it. We’ll cover: what to look at, what it means, and what “good” & “bad” look like on a wide variety of platforms.

While the workshop is in lecture format, real world examples are used exclusively in the form of perfmon and profiler traces in addition to numerous trip reports and health checks that have been done with customers over the last 5 years. We’ll use out of the box tools and basic scripts to gather up information and apply common sense techniques to come up with answers.

Skills learned in this workshop can also be applied to other enterprise applications in your landscape.

Target Audience: DBAs, Siebel/PeopleSoft/JD Edwards Administrators, Consultants

Working knowledge of SQL Server is encouraged.


Please pull down the registration form here:


And e-mail to frankmcb@microsoft.com

Note, NYC is almost completely full. Philly has space. Detroit has space. Houston is filling fast. Chicago has space.